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About us

1. The Region - South Asia

The World Bank describes South Asia as one of the fastest growing regions in the world. The region is home to diverse peoples, interrelated and interdependent through similar heritage, belief systems, and practices. At #TheSouthPolicyCommunity, our work is focused on policy and its practice across the countries that occupy this region. While we focus on curating, reporting, analysing, and researching policies that often operate in silos of nation and specialisation, we are aware and appreciative of the manner in which the region’s peoples live and sustain through negotiations with national boundaries.

Picture Courtesy: United Nations, 2011.

2. Our Philosophy

#TheSouthPolicyCommunity is an independent policy curatorium that espouses the principles of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Towards this end, we support the ideals of individual liberty, voluntary association, equity and enhancement of the quality of life through policy interventions, and cooperative collectivism that works for all. Rooted in humanistic thought, we work with governments in cooperation with the larger community of policy advocates, researchers, and the researched. As advocates of openness, we strongly believe in the power of individual enterprise, as well as collective organisation that cuts across boundaries of human-made social and economic stratification of various kinds, moving towards achieving liberation for all. We seek to shift the balance of power in favour of rigorous policy analyses and interventions, in a bid to procure liberty for those who do not have it. We place a premium on ethics and integrity of thought and action, and are keen to associate with similar minds. Similarly, we also envision and espouse the cause of peace in the global system through networked interaction, equitable distribution of power and resources, and public diplomacy.

We strongly believe in the idea of good business, and in striking a balance between the instinct for profit and the desire for distributive justice. This idea is reflected in our approach towards grants, funding, profits, and finances. We allow ourselves to steer clear of ideological bindings, to work with governments, international and multilateral agencies, research organisations, funding institutions, and corporations alike. This we do, since our focus is on improving human security and the larger ecology that we are part of, through sustained engagement with public and private associational activities.

Our Approach to Policy Research

We believe in a multi-stakeholder approach to policy, and seek to contribute to evidence-based policy-making at local, national, and regional levels. Towards this end, we curate policy, conduct studies, and undertake commissioned research on its practice, in the areas of communication and media, education, health, security, environment and ecology.

3.Our Team

Preeti Raghunath

Founder and Policy Curator, Media and Communication

Preeti’s research work and praxis are located at the intersections of global media and communication governance, community media and oral cultures, transitional societies, human security and deliberative democratisation (as an ongoing process) in South Asia.
She has worked with corporations, arms of international development agencies, and media houses in the past. She currently balances a day job, while moonlighting to set up #TheSouthPolicyCommunity.

Jisha CJ

Curator, Health

Jisha has a PhD in Social Medicine and Community Health, from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her research work is focused on medical insurance and Ayurveda, even as she engages with the broad contours of public health. She has worked with Health authorities in Kerala, and is a dedicated health policy wonk.

Arun Raghunath

Internal Policy Manager

An architect by qualification, Arun has a Masters in Project Management from RMIT, Australia. He is focused on setting standards, creating workflows, and ensuring transparency. When he isn’t managing projects and business heads, he watches and plays cricket.

4.Join the Curatorium


We believe in the passion, integrity, and curiosity that young people bring with them. Being millennials ourselves, we are attuned to young aspirations and the hunger for breaking through. We believe in working together, with democratic and fiscal attribution and in partnership with those interested in chasing policy stories and narratives, as a means to bring change and contribute to solving complex problems and policy puzzles.


Ideas Incubator

We incubate policy ideas, reach out to potential mentors, and help chase policy and its practice in South Asia. If you have an area of policy that you’d like to decipher, wish to study a particular approach to policy, or simply want to figure it out slowly, we’re here to listen and work together.