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What is the scope of ACCA in India?


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ACCA is a globally recognized course. Think of it as International Chartered Accountant. You have the signing authority for 180 countries, and possibly an MoU with each and every nation. You are exposed to various aspects of International Laws with regard to Corporate Governance, Taxation, etc. The financial reporting standards taught in ACCA are IFRS.

Now coming to why ACCA is better than CA course, while talking about getting placed abroad, is because ACCA is a degree which everyone knows about. Recruiters outside India, are least bothered about the fact that CA course has pass percentage as low as 10%. Whereas, in any internationally recognised degree there is no skewed distribution in pass percentages.

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What is the scope of ACCA in India?

The matter taught in ACCA are globally valid. So unlike CA course, where we are taught Ind AS which is relevant in Indian scenario, IFRS, is applicable all over the world.

Similarly, the same happens with regard to Taxation Laws. We are taught Income Tax Act, 1961, and now GST, but the thing is in ACCA, they teach you as to how the entire taxation structure is established worldwide. So you get a great deal of idea about the international transactions, how the tax havens are managing these, and what you can do, to ensure the maximum benefits are reaped by your company.

Remember, MNCs look for people who have global mobility. By doing ACCA you have comprehensive knowledge about the workings of various Finance aspects which are the bread and butter of CA in India. So why restrict yourself, only to India?

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